Thursday, October 18, 2012

Work Area Pegboard

After building a work bench, I wanted to add a pegboard behind it on the wall to hold my tools, cords, etc. Fortunately, my neighbor had a large 4’ x 4’ pegboard but only needed a small 6”x6” piece of it, and he gave me the rest. 

In order to have the pegboard stand out from the wall by a couple of inches, I first attached two 2 x 4 boards horizontally to the studs in the wall, one along the wall where the top edge of the pegboard would be, and one along the bottom edge. The space between the pegboard and the wall allows a variety of peg holders to be placed into the peg holes.

After inserting peg holders and putting up the tools, my son made a sign for me saying “Mom the Builder,” by using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn the letters into the wood. I found a clip-on light from a thrift store and clipped it onto the edge of the pegboard for more light when I work.

The project cost about $20 for the 2x4s, screws, peg holders, and clip-on light. Pegboards this size cost about $9.

Materials/Hardware Used:

2 – 2 x 4 x 4’
1 – 4’ x 4’ pegboard
3” screws
Pegboard hooks
Stud finder
Power drill

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