Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Product Review--Kobalt 4-amp Reciprocating Saw--Awesome Warranty!

I'm super blessed that I get to try out a bunch of DIY/home improvement items and write reviews so that other shoppers can make a more informed decision. (You might come across my reviews if you buy products from The Home Depot, like patio furniture, tools, faucets, sinks, hardware, etc. Look for Mombuilder reviews, and if they're helpful, click the thumbs up! Thanks!--Don't we all check the reviews before we buy products online?!) 

This is an item that I purchased myself, but I'm so happy with my experience that I wanted to write a review here.   I picked up the Kobalt 4-amp corded reciprocating saw about 1 year ago, mostly to disassemble pallets.  I've also ended up using it to trim the bottom of door casings when laying new flooring, and demoing our old kitchen peninsula.  

This little saw has worked great for me until yesterday.  I'm doing a giant pallet wall in our living room so I've needed to rip apart a few a lot of recycled shipping pallets for the wood. That project will be in a coming post!  It.Is.Awesome, and I was getting so close to the end, when bam! my saw died. Right in the middle of cutting through one of my last pallets, halfway through a nail.  My first thought was, I had tripped a circuit. I reset the GFI. No luck. Tried another outlet.  Silence. Tried it without the extension cord. Nothing. Took out the blade, wiggled the tool around. Nope. Said a few PG-13 words. That never works. Do you know how hard it is to be patient when little things keep me from crossing a project finish line?! Uggg! And, not wanting to shell out more money on a new saw, I went to the Lowe's product page.  I was nervous about any warranty because I thought it had been just over a year--of course--when I bought the saw--right when most warranties expire.
It even comes with a sturdy, soft storage case.

To my surprise and delight, this little tool, and most other Kobalt tools, comes with a "5 year hassle-free warranty."  That sounded great but I was suspicious about what that means.  So I called the customer service number where a cheerful recording spelled it all out for me: Hassle free means just that! Take it into a Lowe's, with or without the receipt, with or without all original packaging (who really keeps all that anyway?!), and exchange it for a new one.  Just.Like.That. I took my receipt with me just in case, and the associate in returns told me I could go pick out a brand new one to take home. And that's what I did! Returns should always be that easy, and I'm definitely going to consider Kobalt tools for my future purchases. Now, back to my pallet wall.