Thursday, October 9, 2014

Recycled Headboard

If you've read my previous blogs, you might remember that my neighbors recently moved and left a bunch of items on the curb.  Among them, I salvaged a wooden queen headboard and frame; we don't have a queen bed, so I didn't need the frame, but we didn't have a headboard.  I figured as long as I centered it behind the bed, it would look just fine even though our bed is a California king size.  It was a dark brown color, which was beautiful, but I decided to paint it white to match our room better and cover up some of the nicks.  Here it is as I began priming it (priming is important when you're trying to cover a darker color with a lighter color, or when you're going to paint a glossy/semi-gloss surface--you will not save time or money by skipping this step; trust me!  I've learned that the hard way!):
After painting it, I attached 4 6-inch pieces of 2"x 4" lumber to the wall behind the bed where I wanted to mount the headboard.  I attached each piece vertically on the wall where the four corners of the headboard frame would go.  To attach each piece, I drilled 2 holes into the wall, inserted drywall anchors, and screwed the 2x4s into the anchors.  Then, I used heavy duty picture-hanging hardware to hang the headboard onto the 2x4s.

Tada!  Much nicer than a blank wall behind the bed.