Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free Sample of Lemi Shine!

A while back, we noticed that after running our dishwasher, the cleaned dishes were coming out with a chalky white residue....Yuck!  We tried changing from a powder dish detergent to a liquid, but there was no improvement. I wondered if it was a problem with our dishwasher, or a result of the hard water here. I went online read some articles, and read about a product called Lemi Shine. It is a powder additive that can be added to the regular dish detergent before running the washer. People raved about the product, and wrote about how thoroughly it removes the residue from dishes and gets them so clean. I decided to try it. It's sold at WalMart for less than $4 in the same area as the dish detergent. It is amazing! I tell everyone I can about it because it really does work as advertised. I could not believe the immediate difference we saw in our dishes and glasses and silverware. Even caked on white deposits on the heating elements in the dishwasher began to dissolve and disappear. One bottle lasts us 2-3 weeks(with daily dishwasher use), because only a little is needed to add to each load.  This is a great product if you want sparkling clean dishes!  Get a free sample HERE!  (Thanks, LemiShine.com!)

Or purchase a whole bottle on Amazon.com:


  1. Thanks for the write up and we are glad you like Lemi Shine. Your readers can pick up a free sample if they like on our website www.LemiShine.com.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Dustin Bryson
    Marketing Director

    1. Hi Dustin! Thanks so much for your note. Lemi Shine is a fantastic product! I will be happy to share the link for free samples with my readers. I know they'll appreciate it, too.

      Take Care,