Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wall Trim with Pegs

 This was my first woodworking project, inspired by a book from the library on children's rooms. I painted the bottom 2/3 of the girls' room celery green, and then built an around-the-room wall trim with pegs and a shelf.  I borrowed a compound miter saw from a friend to trim the moulding to size, using 45 degree angles at the wall corners.  I attached it to the walls by drilling pilot holes and countersink holes into the moulding, then screwing it into the wall studs.  For the pegs, I decided where I wanted to place them and marked the spots with a tape measure and carpenter's level.  Then I drilled holes just the size for the pegs to fit into, and glued them in place with Liquid Nails.  Then I added the shelf, basically a lightweight 1x3" or 1x4" strip of lumber that I attached to the top edge of the moulding with a layer of Liquid Nails and screws.  Finally, I filled in the screw holes with wood putty, sanded everything down, and painted it white.

 The ledge goes all the way around the room, but I only have the pegs on this long wall (top photo) above a desk and dresser, and on one short wall just as you enter the room (shown at right).  The girls love having a place to hang their photos, purses, scarves, or sports ribbons.  And I love the way it helps keep down the clutter while giving them space to store and display their treasures.

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